Faculty and Staff

eBridge Montessori School is staffed with a group of well trained, highly professional, enthusiastic, loving, and committed teachers. All lead teachers are trained by AMI training centers. AMI is the training and regulatory group founded by Dr. Montessori during her lifetime in order to maintain the highest standards of her philosophy. The intensive graduate-level AMI training includes understanding early childhood development, hours of classroom observation and extensive practice in giving lessons across a rich and varied curriculum. Our teachers are dedicated to guiding each child to achieve their personal best in a productive and caring environment.

Most of our assistant teachers are experienced childcare providers and are DEEC (Department of Early Education and Care) teacher or lead teacher certified. They are well versed in the sensibilities necessary for guiding children in a Montessori setting and offer their own talents to enriching each classroom as well.

Our staff attends two weeks of staff orientation at the beginning of the school year, which includes training on Montessori philosophy and practice, school’s policy and procedures, DEEC regulations, First aid, and CPR.

Our teachers enjoy working together to build an environment of trust, respect, open communication, and team spirit. They understand the importance of building a strong and stable community for children and have a long-term commitment to work at eBridge.