Parents’ Voices

Our current and prospective parents are encouraged to observe our classrooms. The following notes are from our parent observation notebook:

I have never seen such a co-operative working environment. Each child working independently was quite impressive. These “tasks” were new to me, but quite incredible. Polishing a box, settling a flower arrangement, not your normal preschool activity. It was so nice to see children putting everything back in its place. There did not seem to be much redirection for these children. Lots of focusing on their specific task and the least amount of guidance seemed normal. Witnessing one child explaining a problem he was having and then another butting in to be connected with the hand on the teacher’s shoulder was just perfect. Lots of pride in accomplishment, happy and helpful children. Thank you for this opportunity, I was quite impressed.

The children appear to be very focused and attentive in the tasks they have undertaken. Most of them also appear to be self-sufficient in putting things away when the exercise or work is complete.

Loved watching the children address and solve problems on their own. The older children were such good little teachers. Enjoyed watching a tiny girl working on the pink tower.

The children seemed to have gained even more independence compared to the fall observation. I observed Mrs. Peerzade giving a lesson on the decimal system to multiple children. It was great to see how the children worked together in small groups.

The kids were terrific-attentive to their work, well behaved, accommodating each other, etc. It was wonderful to see my daughter work with other children. Also saw her guiding younger children and demonstrating leadership.

It’s amazing how kids are involved in different activities all by themselves. It’s nice to see older kids helping the younger ones. Most kids tend to finish before switching over to another activity. I really wish they’d clean up the same way at home.

This is my second observation; every time I wonder how beautifully it works. Every child seems so disciplined and enjoying freedom at the same time. Even the smallest children are busy and independent.

I enjoyed observing in my daughter’s classroom. I was very pleased to see children working on their own, learning skills that will help them in real life. My daughter was cutting celery with a real knife. I never allowed her to use a knife at home and was pleasantly surprised to see how confident she was in the kitchen area. I was pleased to see children practicing math, reading books, practicing things that will help them academically.

My son was so focused he didn’t notice me for half of the time [of the observation]. I am surprised how long he could stay on one activity without moving to something else.

The classroom is very spacious and kids are choosing work and doing it, without lots of direction. It is very nice to see that.

The creativity and intelligence of our classroom teacher is once again manifest to myself and I am so grateful to her vision of inclusion and her passion for history, the sciences, the humanities and the arts. Thanks again for providing a school that enriches all of our lives.

The mood in the classroom was peaceful and productive! The collaborative environment is so wonderful and the friendships are great to see. Thank you for guiding our children to be self-directed with reliable organizational skills taught. They are well on their way toward growing into competent, caring, directed adults with happy spirits and the academics to back them in whatever they do with their bright futures.