Admission Policy

1. Equal Opportunity

eBridge Montessori School does not discriminate against any student or family on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, or sexual orientation  in the admission process to the school and any school-administered programs.

2. Age

Based on the state regulation, children must be fifteen months old to start the toddler program and at least two years and nine months old to start the primary program.

For the primary program, we enroll children when they turn two years and nine months. Older children will be enrolled on an individual basis as space allows with preference given to children with previous Montessori experience.

A child’s toilet training status is not an eligibility requirement for primary program enrollment. Children can be either fully potty trained or in the middle of potty training process.

3. Half-day/full-day Programs

The toddler children may sign up for either a half day or full day program.

In the primary class, children from two years and nine months to four years old may attend either half day or full day program; while children from five years old to six years old must attend a full day program in order to complete the full curriculum of the final year of primary program.

4. Admission Decision

The Head of School and teaching staff work together to make admission decisions. We take into consideration each child’s openness to and readiness for the prepared environment as well as prospective parents’ commitment to complete a Montessori education. Placement in a classroom is based on the needs of the classes with regard to balance of age, gender and ethnic diversity.

5. Kindergarten Year in a Primary Program

It is in the best interest of children and essential to a Montessori education that families allow children to complete their kindergarten year in a Montessori environment and take the full benefit of Montessori education. Occasionally if enrolled very young in primary, a child may stay in their classroom for four years in order to be fully prepared to transition to an elementary environment. We strive to work with families who are willing to commit to a partnership with us to provide their children the best possible Montessori experience.

In each classroom as children get older they are able to take on new roles and benefit from learning and teaching in the mixed age group. When children complete their kindergarten year in a Montessori classroom, they have the opportunity to develop their leadership skill, refine their skills through repetition and to see familiar ideas from new perspectives.