Parent Partnership

Children thrive when home and school work in harmony. The school-home partnership is built on a solid foundation of trust and respect.

eBridge’s Commitment to Parents

  1. Advocacy.  Each child is treated with love, respect and dignity.
  2. A prepared environment. We offer a safe, inspiring, stimulating educational environment.
  3. Community. We provide friendly, professional and timely support to families.
  4. Montessori. We hold the school, staff, and students to the highest Montessori standards and guide children to become independent, responsible, self-confidence, and compassionate world citizens.

eBridge’s Expectation of Parents:

  1. Understand and Embrace Montessori philosophy. Join one of our parent group tours, observe in our classrooms, and learn more about Montessori education so that you can make an informed decision about your child’s education.
  2. Become familiar with school’s routines and polices. Our parent handbook guides you in preparing for each new school year at eBridge. This helps parents and children to make a successful transition.
  3. Help your child into a great school routine. Get familiar with the school calendar. Please bring children to school and pick them up on time, ensure they get plenty of sleep, eat a good breakfast and are dressed properly. We ask that parents drive slowly and safely around the school area.
  4. Maintain an open and constructive communication with school. We offer many opportunities for you to learn about our school, Montessori education, your child’s class and teachers. Please take the time throughout the year to read our monthly newsletter, observe your child’s classroom, and attend school events.  We also count on parents to inform the school of any changes that might impact your child’s attendance or performance in a timely fashion.
  5. Act as a role model for grace and courtesy. The core of grace and courtesy in the Montessori philosophy is respect. We count on all our families to work together to create a positive community through respectful words and actions.
  6. Get involved with our school. We ask that parents make contributions of time, talents and resources during the school year to enrich your child’s classroom experience. Parent involvement strengthens our community and sets a positive example for your child.
  7. Apply Montessori principles at home. You can create consistency in your child’s life by attending parent education sessions and learning more about the Montessori approach. Give your child opportunities to do things independently and allow them to practice the skills that they’ve learned at school.
  8. Be an ambassador for Montessori education. We hope that parents can be our best ambassadors to promote Montessori education to more children and families.