Parent-Teacher Communication

Open communication is the foundation of our school’s partnership with families.  eBridge Montessori School maintains on-going communication with parents in a variety of ways, including the parent handbook, monthly newsletter, education session, parent observation, parent teacher conferences, and parent morning coffee events.

Monthly Newsletter

We send out our newsletter in the middle of the month to keep parents informed about school news, events and children’s activities.  The Monthly Newsletters are sent via our parent yahoo group.

Parent Teacher Communication

While we usually contact parents to share our concerns and observations, we encourage parents to communicate any questions or concerns regarding their children or school policy. In general, lead teachers are responsible for discussion regarding children’s progress and behavior while administrators are responsible for school policies and enrollment.

Parents should notify teachers of any changes in their home situation that might affect their child’s participation and experience at school or anything that comes up in your child’s conversation that teachers should be aware of.

When parents communicate with teachers, please write a note or make a phone call. Please try to be as specific as possible. Our teachers will get back to you in a timely manner. Please do not discuss your child(ren) with the teacher during drop off or pick up time. During those times, our teachers must focus their attention on children and are not available to answer questions or discuss issues. Also, we prefer not to discuss a child in their hearing. Our teachers will be happy to talk to you by phone or meet with you during the after-school hours.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Routine Parent-Teacher conferences are held twice a year. They are half-hour meetings held during school hours in the classrooms. Parents will sign up for the conferences in advance. The school administrator sends out the conference schedule so parents can plan their conference time and make child care arrangements if necessary. To make our conferences more productive, children’s progress reports will be sent out to parents via email prior to the conferences so that parents may review the report and prepare questions and concerns before meeting teachers.

During the conferences, teachers discuss in-depth the social, academic, emotional and behavioral aspects of each child’s developmental progress. Parents may ask questions, share their insights and any concerns.  Parents are welcome to arrange follow up meetings with teacher after the conference as needed.

Parent Visits and Observations

Parent observations are another key to understanding Montessori and seeing the methodology at work in a classroom. Parents are invited to observe their children’s classes at least twice a year, usually before the fall and spring conferences. Observations are half hour sessions that take place shortly after children’s morning arrival routine. Parents not only get to see how children function in the classroom, but also see how the whole class works in harmony. It can make conversations with your child and your child’s teacher more meaningful.