eBridge Montessori School offers a full range of Montessori programs:

  • Toddler Program, for 15 months old to 3 years old. The first three years of life are a time of rapid development. The Montessori toddler community fosters curiosity, social interaction, independence, language development, as well as fine motor and gross motor development.
  • Primary Program, for 2 years nine months old to 6 years old. From ages three to six children have the extraordinary ability to absorb knowledge from their environment. In a Montessori primary classroom, children develop socially and intellectually while engaging in their purposeful work.
  • CHOICE Program, 2 years nine months old to 6 years old. This program is similar to our regular primary program but designed specifically for families who need more flexibility. Parents can choose how many days to sign up (minimum is two days). Children can be enrolled in a half-day program, from 8:30 to 11:30 am or 12 to 3 pm. Children will develop Creativity, Hands-on experience, Observation skill, Independence, Concentration, and Empathy.

To meet the needs of our busy families, we offer a variety of programs: full day, half day, morning care, after-school care, extended childcare, and summer program.