Extended Care

eBridge Montessori School is happy to offer extended care to working families for their children in the morning, afternoon, and on days when school is closed for professional development, conference, or holidays.

Our morning and after school programs are offered on school days. The spaces for these programs are limited. Parents may sign up for the morning care and after school care during enrollment process or during the school year as long as the space is available. The morning and after school program is optional. Parents are not required to sign up for five days per week, however, we give higher priority to those that do.

Extended care is designed for our working families and will be available based on interest. Parents may fill out the signup sheet at the beginning of the school year or at least one month ahead of time in order for us to plan our staffing needs. The program will be canceled if there is low attendance. In this case, parents will be notified in advance.  If a child is signed up for the extended care and cannot attend for whatever reason, parents will still be responsible for the extended program payment.

The morning, after-school, and extended care program are run by our assistant teachers and after-school teachers. Our goal is to offer a consistent, comfortable, fun, relaxed, and home-like environment for children to participate in outdoor activities, arts and crafts, reading, movement, puzzles and card games. Children follow the same Montessori principles in these programs, such as freedom of choice, grace and courtesy, and respect. Children also enjoy making new friends from different classrooms and exploring their different interests.