Distance Learning Program

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, learn, teach and educate our children. To support our parents and children during this challenging time, eBridge is offering a distance learning program so children can learn and grow at home. 

Montessori Inspired Materials

We do not expect parents to purchase a full set of Montessori materials at home, but, will instead send each child a customized package of Montessori inspired reading, writing, math, practical life, sensorial, art, music, movement, and geography materials from the school so that they can continue using Montessori materials at home. 

Online Sessions

Each child will attend four types of online sessions Monday to Friday:

  1. One large group session to interact with children of different age groups; children will learn important social skills. 
  2. One small group session offering Montessori lessons to children based on their capabilities. 
  3. Individual session for a child who needs individual support. 
  4. One fun activity session, such as arts and crafts, music, movement, cooking, etc.  

Online Resources

Parents can access a comprehensive set of online resources to work with their children at home. The topics of these resources include reading, writing, and math, as well as a lot of fun activities, ideas and suggestions. 

Online Support to Parents

We offer online seminars and town hall meetings for all eBridge parents to learn, connect and share experiences. Our parents are united together as a part of a larger community to support each other, especially during this pandemic. 

Interested?  Please call (508-366-9288) or click here  to get more  information.