CHOICE Program

eBridge Montessori School is excited to offer a brand new CHOICE program starting in the fall of 2017 at our newly renovated location, Suite 130, in the same building. We believe that a Montessori environment best prepares children for 21st century, and our goal is to provide a program that allows more children to benefit from a Montessori education. Two new classrooms were designed and built just for this new CHOICE program.

This program is designed specifically for families who need more flexibility in enrolling their children into a Montessori program. Parents can choose how many days to sign up (minimum is two days). We highly recommend consecutive days so children can have a consistent schedule. Children can be enrolled in a half day program, from 8:30 to 11:30 am or 12 to 3 pm. We will offer early morning care starting at 7 am, and still provide the after school program from 3 to 6 pm.

The CHOICE program offers choices to parents so they can sign up based on their schedules.

The CHOICE program offers choices to children so they can learn based on their interests and capabilities.

The CHOICE program offers choices to teachers so they can teach each child based on his/her individual needs.

It is an exciting new step for eBridge to offer an authentic Montessori program to families with different needs. In general, authentic Montessori primary programs are five days per week. However, many families have inquired about part-time options because of their schedules and situations. It is incredibly critical for us to open doors to those families and children, so that they can also benefit from a Montessori education.

Even though children in the CHOICE program might not obtain the same experience as full time children, we believe their experience in a Montessori environment would make a tremendous difference and greatly support their growth and development. Similarly to full time primary children, CHOICE program children will enjoy:

  1. Socializing with children of different ages.
  2. Working with hands-on, real materials to get real world experience.
  3. Developing independence and self-motivation.
  4. Practicing grace and courtesy.
  5. Making choices and becoming an active learner.
  6. Building teamwork skill and leadership skill.
  7. Developing interests in a variety of curriculum areas, including literature, art, music, geography, botany, and science.
  8. Gaining better understanding of respect.
  9. Joyful learning and exploring.

In the CHOICE program, children will develop Creativity, Hands on experience, Observation skill, Independence, Concentration, and Empathy. This is a great opportunity for children in the Metro West area. Space is limited. For CHOICE program tuition information, please click Tuition and Fees. To apply, please submit an online application form by click on this link: Online Application. Please call (508-366-9288) to sign up and for more details.