Enrichment Classes

In the past several years, many eBridge students have benefited from a variety of after-school enrichment classes offered by our dedicated and talented parents. Following is a list of our enrichment classes:

Art class: The children are exposed to Art History and Art Techniques while also learning to evoke the creativity that lies within them.  As a lifelong lesson, it is important for children to connect and be in tune with themselves. This enables them to imagine, create and develop great ideas not only in the primary and elementary years but also as they develop into young adults and adults.

Spanish class: The class is offered by a native Spanish speaker. The class includes songs, numbers, colors, words for the family and other basic conversational vocabulary. The children also learn about culture in Spanish speaking countries.

Music class: The beginner music curriculum exposes children to the joys of musicianship while they develop self-appreciation and a firm feeling of belonging to a community of performers and fellow students of music. We learn through reading music while playing recorders, drum pads, singing, and listening to music. At years end, children perform at school and receive a CD of all the songs they learned.

Soccer class: Children learn the basic soccer skills at an early age. Each class contains both basic technique and small games.  Children build confidence while learning about the importance of teamwork and having fun.

Chinese class: The Chinese class is offered to elementary students during the school day by a native Chinese speaker. Children learn Chinese words for numbers, body parts, family members, colors, animals, directions, and daily courtesies. We practice vocabulary using commands and games to reinforce familiarity. We also teach children Chinese culture, songs, and holidays.