Will you provide a list of all the Montessori materials that my child will work on?


Without the context of AMI’s comprehensive and exhaustive training, a list of materials for its own sake would not be useful to parents. Instead we reflect the concepts that children derive from using the materials through our progress reports and during our parent education sessions. We understand that it is helpful for parents to get familiar with Montessori materials and make better connection with children at home. If parents are interested in the Montessori materials, we invite parents come to our parent education session, get information available online and in parent-friendly books such as Montessori Madness by Montessori parent Trevor Eissler. [...]

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Will I get a daily report for my child from Montessori School?


Infants and Toddler families will have access to a daily electronic form for two way communication about basic needs between teachers and parents. As the child grows notes about individual activities may be added by the teacher during the day. Primary Montessori programs have hundreds of activities for children to choose on a daily basis.  The entire program is individualized.  Because of the individualized nature, it is impossible to issue a daily or weekly report without sacrificing instruction time in the classroom, and this is not an area we are willing to compromise on. In the past, parents report that as [...]

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Can I do Montessori at home with my child?


We encourage parents to apply Montessori principles of child development at home, complementing your child’s experience in Montessori School. However, only a certified Montessori teacher can properly implement Montessori education using Montessori materials in the prepared environment. Moreover, the social development that comes from being in an environment with other children is an integral part of Montessori education.

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How do Montessori children adjust to public schools?


Children who have been in a Montessori environment are generally very independent and can adjust easily to the public school environment. Studies show that Montessori children adjust well and are generally among the better students in public school. They spend their time more productively because of their self-direction and positive attitudes toward learning.

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Does my child have to be toilet trained?


No. We help children in toilet training at school as part of our curriculum of care for self, care for environment, and refinement of movement. To encourage independence, we ask primary children wear underwear to school. We work with children and parents in a manner that is consistent with children’s physical and emotional abilities.

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Will my child take a nap at the school?


Yes if your child needs a nap. The School shall ensure that a quiet space and mat are available for any child who rests or takes a nap.There is a detailed description of what to send for your napping child in the parent handbook.

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Will my toddler or preschool aged child have to sign up for five days per week?


No. We offer 4 and 5 day programs for the infant, toddler, preschool and preK child on half, full day and full day with child care schedules to the meet the needs of a range of families and children. Kindergarten children are expected to be in attendance for 5 full school day (8:30-3:00) each week.

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What is class size?


Each classroom has different adult to student ratios according to the age of the children and the state regulation: Infant: 1 teacher for every 3 children or 2 teachers for seven children. Toddler: 1 teacher for every 4 children or 2 teachers for nine children. Primary: 1 teacher for every 10 children Elementary: 1 teacher for up to 20 children Our primary classes have about 20 t0 28 children with one lead teacher and two assistant teachers. This number is reached gradually over the span of 3 years as the class grows. When the head teacher is with the same group [...]

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Why mixed age class?


The mixed age group naturally reflects family and community. In a mixed age group environment, children do not just learn from teachers. Young children benefit directly from older students by watching them and getting help from them. Older children establish self-esteem and develop confidence and leadership by sharing their experience and knowledge with young children. Each individual child benefits from being in an environment of multiple abilities and interests.

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