Let’s have a great journey together!

We thank you for choosing eBridge and accepting us as partners in assisting the life of your children. A strong partnership between school and home is of great benefit to children.  We offer a variety of opportunities for parents to get involved in school activities and to become an active member of our school community.

The school uses FACTS (formerly known as RenWeb) to manage admission and enrollment process,  we also use FACTS for tuition management.  Parents can use this link to login to your FACTS (or RenWeb) account:  From there, you can select Family Log In on top of the page,  then choose either FACT Family Portal, which is the portal for admission/enrollment related info, or Payment Plans for tuition payment info.

Parent Communication

Open communication is the foundation of our school’s partnership with families. eBridge Montessori School maintains on-going communication with parents in a variety of ways, including the parent handbook, monthly newsletter, education sessions, parent observation, parent teacher conferences, and parent morning coffee events.

Parent Education

Our parent education sessions are an opportunity to learn more and connect with your child’s Montessori experience.

Parent Volunteers

At eBridge Montessori School, each family is an important part of our community. Participation in your child’s school life is the parents’ privilege, responsibility, and joy. There are numerous opportunities for all parents to participate and contribute talents to benefit our children and our school.

Welcoming Committee

Help prospective parents get to know our school and welcome new families to our community.

Event Committee

Help plan and coordinate fun events for parents and children such as Parent Morning Coffee, International Day, book fair, etc.

Maintenance Committee

Help with maintenance projects, such as gardening, clean and refurbish playground, computer assistance, web site update, sewing, etc.

Room Parents

Organize events for a classroom and coordinate with other parents, get books from local library to the classroom, etc.

Enrichment Class Teachers

Offer enrichment classes to children during after-school hours, such as Art, Spanish, Chinese, Music, Chess, and Soccer.

Outreach Committee

Be an ambassador of our school, make connections with local community.

Parent Partnership

Children thrive when home and school work in harmony. The school-home partnership is built on a solid foundation of trust and respect.

ParentsWeb Enrollment

eBridge Montessori School is excited to announce that our new school management system, FACTS Management Software, is implemented and ready to use. FACTS is a robust and comprehensive software offering many features that enables us to enhance our school management and parent-teacher communication. FACTS ParentsWeb is a private and secure parents’ portal that allows parents to access student information and school information anytime from any place. Parents can enroll students, view and update student and parent information, check school calendar, and read school newsletter online.